About Us

Connecting through radio since 1948

Our Mission

Eagle Communications strives to be the leader in economic revitalization in the rural American communities we serve, dedicated to bringing relevant information, entertainment and business services to the businesses and families therein.

We are committed towards enhancing the quality of life by providing our services and leveraging partnerships to promote both community and family growth.

In the beginning

Eagle Communications’ beginning was simple in 1948, based on connecting people with people through radio and television transmission. It was a foundation built on hard work, trust and integrity.

Eagle sells its commercial television stations

Originally known as KAYS, Inc. and based in Hays, Kansas, Eagle Communications began in the commercial television, radio broadcasting, and cable television business. In 1989, the company sold its commercial television stations, and now concentrates on radio broadcasting, local news, and digital advertising solutions.

Bob Schmidt begins transfer of ownership to employees

In 1998, Eagle owner Bob Schmidt began transferring ownership of the company to 116 of his faithful employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Employees become majority owners

In 2002, the employee owners of Eagle Communications become the majority owners.

Employees become 100% owners of Eagle Communications

Since 2012, Eagle has been 100% employee-owned. We find that this ownership motivates our employee-owners to do and be their best. And we believe that our customers deserve nothing less.